Construction Supervisor

Posted: 08/27/2023

About MACK Constructors and North Hill Homes 

MACK Constructors and North Hill Homes are based in Asheville, NC. The two companies work together as a design-oriented home builder (North Hill acts as developer, MACK as builder). We create high value properties for our buyers through thoughtful architectural design, durable and efficient construction, and streamlined operating practices. We are focused on creating new neighborhoods of between 10-25 homes, typically ranging in size from 1,200 to 2,500 square feet per home. 

While we offer our homes at competitive prices, they are not “builder grade” homes. We may construct models that are small and have commensurately lower prices but our brand identity is focused on high quality, design forward, thoughtful housing. North Hill Homes uses high quality materials, efficient equipment and fixtures, and best practices to produce homes that are attractive, efficient to operate, and low maintenance. 

Job Description 

As a construction supervisor, you are responsible for both the onsite supervision and a portion of the offsite project management. Ideally, you will complete 8-10 separate projects per year. Specific responsibilities for this position include: 

Onsite Supervision 

Inspect the work on a daily basis for errors and poor workmanship 

Lead subcontractors in their work 

Be creative, detailed, and artistic in how you assemble a project 

Plan and schedule subcontractors and suppliers to keep the project moving efficiently Estimate quantities and order materials on time 

Know and enforce safety rules and OSHA standards 

Maintain high quality 

Understand building systems and how they are installed 

Keep clean and organized job sites 

Use your tools to complete tasks when needed 

Schedule inspections and meet with inspectors 

Provide warranty service to completed homes 

Whatever it takes to get a project done 

Project Management 

Represent the company positively and professionally 

Help find and sell new work 

Source vendors and negotiate contracts 

Estimate construction projects 

Create overall construction schedules and manage projects to keep them on track
Provide excellent communication with all parties involved in a project
Be the guy that takes responsibility for the work

North Hill Specific 

Help develop the North Hill brand through material selection, detailing, quality standards, etc 

Help develop processes to produce homes: 

At a lower cost 


With more consistency and predictability 

Find subcontractors suited towards the goals and requirements of North Hill projects 

Experience and Qualifications 

Associates degree in construction management, bachelor’s degree or 2 years of field experience in a related role (including scheduling, ordering, field supervision, quality control, trades, etc) 

Consistently use appropriate grammar, organize ideas clearly, and articulate concisely when speaking and writing 

Valid driver’s license and clean driving record 

Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously 

Able to plan and prioritize work while focusing on detail orientation and effective time management 

Assess business processes, provide effective feedback, and revise or change processes to improve overall efficiency 

Able to manage individuals and groups and change management strategies based on individual and group proclivities 

Able to creatively solve problems 

Self-actuating and a preference for limited oversight (we are not micromanagers).